State of Illinois - Court Reporting Services
Welcome to the Illinois Official Court Reporters website.  This site is
intended as a resource tool for our employees and also to provide
information for those who are considering a career as a judicial reporter in
Illinois.  Please browse through our site, and if you have any questions that
we have not answered, please feel free to
contact us.

Illinois is looking for licensed court reporters who would like a stable work
schedule, health/dental/life insurance, a retirement plan, paid holidays, paid
vacation and sick time, and FREE continuing education opportunities every
year.  Do you want to go home at night and NOT think about doing
scheduling, accounting, and looking for your next job.  If you've never worked
as an official before, give it some thought.  We'd be happy to put you in touch
with former freelance reporters who are now officials who wished they would
done it sooner!  Check out our
employment page for a full list of benefits or
vacancies page, and apply to the nearest courthouse to you!

What is an Official Court Reporter?
Official court reporters can be state or federal employees.  In our case, our
"officials" are state employees who work for the Chief Judge of the Circuit in
which they are employed.  Official court reporters must be licensed in the
state of Illinois as a Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR).

Official court reporters work in county courthouses and take a verbatim
record during proceedings so that a transcript can be produced as an official
record of the case.  In many cases, these transcripts will be used to file an
appeal to the Appellate Court.

We are not the licensing agency, nor are CSR licensing exams administered
by this office.  Please contact the
Illinois Department of Financial and
Professional Regulations if you have questions about licensing.

What is Court Reporting Services?
Court Reporting Services is the administrative office working for the Chief
Judges to coordinate the court reporting program on a statewide basis in
Illinois.  Our office is responsible for employment documents, tracking leave
benefits, personnel procedures, testing, correspondence and seminars.  

Please feel free to
contact us with any questions that you might have.
Illinois Official Court Reporters