Employment Packet

Not all forms are required to be returned, and they are not all returned to the same
office.  Please make sure they are returned to the correct office. Section 1 is returned
to the Comptroller.  Section 2 is returned to Court Reporting Services with originals
kept with the Chief Judge.  Section 3 is informational only.

The documents and links below represent each form required in Court Reporting
Services employment packet.  Click on them to view them in your browser.  You
must have Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.  Many of the forms can be typed into
prior to printing.  A copy of the form(s) may be saved to your computer by choosing
"save as" in the Adobe Reader program.  

If you are looking for the Per Diem Employment packet, it can be found

Forms are updated often.  Please report broken and inoperable links by using the
contact form.  Thank you.

1.  Payroll & Benefits Forms

Required forms:
 Combined Federal and State W-4
 W-9 - Request for Taxpayer ID.
 Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation
 Pension Beneficiary Designation
 New Hire Tier Determination
 Benefits Election Form (see Benefits Choice Book for options)        

NOTE: If you are covering dependents you MUST attach documentation
such as a copy of a birth certificate and/or a marriage license

Required online registrations:
 PayStubs - Your payroll stubs will be available online.  You must register for
an account after receiving your first check by direct deposit.
 ShareFile - Court reporters are required to backup files at least once a
month.  Click on the ShareFile link for more information on how to register.

Highly Recommended Forms
You may be charged $2.50 per paper warrant you receive from the state of Illinois
after a certain number, so it is recommended that you sign up for direct deposit.  
Request these forms from your supervisor or Chief Judges office, or we can email
them to you.  
 Direct Deposit - Payroll - Must be emailed to you
 Direct Deposit - Transcript/Travel - Must be emailed to you

Optional Forms and Programs
 Deferred Compensation Program (information website)
 Deferred Compensation Enrollment Form
 Deferred Compensation Beneficiary Designation
 Opt-Out Election Certificate - REQUIRED if you are covered under another
health benefit plan and are electing to not participate in the State's health,
dental and vision coverage.  You must include a copy of the insurance card
from your benefit provider.
 Flexible Spending Accounts

The above forms should be faxed to Gillian Gabriel at (217) 524-6875.

The Direct Deposit forms and Pension Beneficiary form must be mailed with an ORIGINAL signature to:

Office of the Comptroller
Attn: Gillian Gabriel
325 W Adams Street
Springfield, IL  62704

2.  Court Reporting Services Forms

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The forms below should be RETAINED by the Chief Judge's
office with COPIES emailed or faxed to Court Reporting Services (217) 557-0267.  
Do not fax with the forms listed above.

 CRS Application Form  
 Verification of Previous Employment  (if applicable)
 Affidavit of Self-Employment (if applicable)
 Appointment Order
 Emergency Contact Form
 Headquarters/Residence Form
 I-9 Employment Verification (please send a COPY to payroll above)
 Oath of Office
 Photo ID Request
 Administrative Regulations Acknowledgment (see Regulations book below)

3.  Other Employment Information and Documents

For your information. No forms need to be returned.

 Administrative Regulations
 Benefits Choice Books and Employee Handbooks
 CMS Benefits Website - All Forms
Illinois Official Court Reporters