ShareFile is a web-based program which allows us to securely backup reporter files
online at no cost to the reporter.  This backup meets the Administrative Regulation's
and Supreme Court's requirements that all records of proceedings be retained in a
secure manner.  *NOTE* Reporters should keep a personal backup copy of all files
as well.  The ShareFile copy should not be the only copy.  It is intended as a
secondary backup system.

NEW USERS:  You will need to request a log-in if you do not have one yet.  Email
Tammy Bumgarner at to request your
account activation

FORGOT PASSWORD?  Go to the log-in page (link below).  Enter your email address
as your user ID and then click the "Forgot Password?" link below the Log In button.  
ShareFile will assist you in resetting your password.  Court Reporting Services does
not have access to your password.

Administrative Regulations Provision

 ShareFile Requirements

Link to the ShareFile page

 Log-in page:
 Instead of using the website, get the ShareFile Desktop application (drag
and drop files using this app instead of the website. For Windows 7 or newer)

Helpful Documents

 Top Six Reasons to Use ShareFile
 General ShareFile Information
 ShareFile Desktop App Q&A
 How to backup writer files/SD card
 Information for Case Catalyst users
 Information for Eclipse users

If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Bumgarner at (217) 557-0268 or by email.
Illinois Official Court Reporters